Rendez Vous Fantasia

What to bring on a boating holiday

Rolling suitcase luggage or duffel bag? Which is better for travelling?  Packing is always the last, stressful step before unplugging from your work routine but... don't worry too much! Here's a complete list of everything you'll need for a carefree [...]

Venice’s Ghosts

Venice's Ghosts Leaving Venice at the end of your holiday may seem impossible. And precisely for this reason it seems that even the spirits of those who once walked through these streets and bridges have great difficulty in leaving the [...]

Ancient Roman road discovered in Venice

Ancient Roman road discovered in Venice Apparently, Venice still hides many secrets, as a group of researchers recently discovered traces of an ancient Roman road in its lagoon, a sign that the area at that time would have been accessible [...]

The Salt pans of Chioggia

The Salt pans of Chioggia Did you know that in the past salt was produced in Chioggia? Yes, the production of salt in the city became fundamental for the local economy, so much so that it is still remembered today. [...]
Riserva Naturale della Valle Canal Novo

Canal Novo Valley Nature Reserve

Canal Novo Valley Nature Reserve If your starting point is Marano Lagunare or if you choose the Litoranea Veneta as your itinerary, you cannot miss a visit to the Canal Novo Valley Nature Reserve! In front of the reserve there [...]

The Brenta Canal and Padua

Navigation from Stra to Padua The Brenta Canal, once used as a communication route between Padua and Venice, can still be travelled today and is one of the itineraries suggested by the Houseboat. You'll have to test yourself passing locks [...]

The new Houseboat Tip Top L

"L" as "LICENCE" (boat license required) "L" as "LARGE" (more spacious) "L" as "LUX" (attention to detail and finish) We have the pleasure to introduce you the brand new TIP TOP L, built in Italy by us, Rendez vous Fantasia [...]

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