sagra del pesce a chioggia festa persone

La Sagra del pesce di Chioggia

(the fish festival)

One of the most eagerly awaited gastronomic events in the Veneto region: in July every year, ten days full of events, shows, but above all good food and fun.

logo of the Chioggia fish festival Municipal of Chioggia

If you decide to spend your first or last night on board at our base in Chioggia, don’t miss the opportunity from 6:30 p.m. onward to visit the center and stop by Sagra del pesce so you can taste our traditional dishes.

More than 12,000 kg of fish will be fried: from squid rings to small cuttlefish (cuttlefish), from small squid to sardines and anchovies.
Among the specialties on offer are the “schile e marsioni”: various fried shrimps and small fish from the lagoon. Further enlivening the gastronomic event are the inhabitants in characteristic costumes who enliven the square with theatrical performances in the local dialect.

The festival ends each year with a colorful fireworks display that illuminates the lagoon.

The Fish Festival is an event that began in 1938 and is repeated annually. Today it is one of the most representative events of our Veneto Region. Every year, food stands are set up along the Corso del Popolo, in the heart of the city, offering all the goodness of our local fish products.

Characteristic wooden structures decorated and embellished with material that recalls the lagoon and the maritime traditions of the city.

Don’t miss the chance to taste these local specialties:
• Peoci in cassopipa: mussels cooked in a fried onion, oil, parsley and chili pepper and then blended with prosecco;
• Capesante al forno (baked scallops): gratin with garlic, parsley and cognac;
•Fasolari (special quality of shellfish similar to clams): served in all sauces, au gratin, with meat sauce, in a pie or raw;
• Sardele in saore: fried sardines or anchovies preserved in a sauce of fried onions and vinegar.

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