Houseboat and wine tasting: Vignole and Sant’Erasmo island

Discovering Vignole Island and its vineyards

Le Vignole, originally known as Biniola or Isola delle Sette Vigne, is an island whose name is testimony to the fact that grape cultivation has been common here since ancient times. The island is an important agricultural area, with vegetable gardens and vineyards. It was once an essential supplier of vegetables for the Rialto market, transported daily on large rowing boats. In fact, Le Vignole is very popular among Venetians, who frequent the island for Sunday trips and family picnics.

Also it is an excellent mooring for houseboats, which find peaceful and quiet moorings here even for spending the night. Furthermore the island offers a breathtaking view of the entire city of Venice and the Arsenale, which is particularly impressive at sunset. Moreover the Venetian palaces comes alive with a warm, golden glow as the sun highlights them, creating an irresistible charm.

Le Vignole is a perfect place for those seeking a unique and unforgettable experience.
In fact, the Laguna nel Bicchiere association organises visits to the vineyards on specific days throughout the year. On these days, visitors can learn more about the history of local viticulture, as well as actively participate in the grape harvest, grape crushing and vine pruning. Tasting of the association’s wines and musts is possible during these visits.

Discovering Sant’Erasmo

The houseboat wine tour continues to Sant’Erasmo island, the least known and perhaps the most intense and beautiful among the lagoon islands. It will captivate you with its slow and at times magical atmosphere.

Sant’Erasmo is an agricultural island, called the “garden of the Serenissima,” famous for its vineyards and its typical first fruits le castraure, small artichokes picked early. Every year its traditional festivals allow people to learn about its products: in May during the violet artichoke festival and in October with the festival dedicated to grape must.

Our adventure continues among the vineyards of Sant’Erasmo, where Orto, a marine wine, suitable for all the foods of the lagoon, was born. With its golden color, it is a highly appreciated white wine, as its acidity and flavor immediately recall the sea and the lagoon. In this corner of paradise, you can take guided tours, in a unique panorama while sipping excellent wine. 

By chartering our houseboats, you will experience a journey through the history and flavors of the islands of Venice. In conclusion, you will join the freedom of sailing with the discovery of a centuries-old winemaking tradition.

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