Wine tour by Houseboat 

Venice Lagoon and Treviso

The regions of Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Emilia-Romagna are the perfect destination for wine experts and lovers. The enogastronomic itineraries are multiple in this area and stand out for the great variety and quality of their products. Drinking a glass of wine in company has always been a special act a declaration of friendship and solidarity. Nowadays the wines of these areas have become real excellences all around the world. If you are wine lovers and enjoy holidays on the water you will have the chance to explore the local flavours: every itinerary has its own wines and dishes. Let’s discover them together!

Venice Lagoon and Treviso

The city of Venice and its hinterland are perfect destination for both experts and simple wine lovers. Wine is indeed a very important element for the city, as it has been produced since the times of the ancient Romans. The vineyards was cultivated everywhere in Venice, so much that the names of some areas of the city prove it, just think about San Francesco della Vigna e l’Isola delle Vignole (“vigna” meaning “vineyard”), where you can easily moor your Houseboat. Even today there are in Venice a lot of hidden vineyards. In Sant’Erasmo the wine Orto di Venezia is produced and it is possible, upon reservation by email, to visit the vineyards and taste the wines of the area. In Burano and Mazzorbo you will find some educational farms, and, thanks to the association Laguna nel Bicchiere, you will be able to discover the hidden vineyards of the territory. Walking through the typical Venetian streets it is then very easy to bump into wine shops, bars and the famous bacari, simple, little inns offering many wine qualities (the so-called “ombre”) and delicious snacks (in Venetian “cichetti”). They are frequented by both tourists and local residents, the bacari are not to be missed also because of their great convivial atmosphere.

For those willing to continue the itinerary going up the river Sile, we must mention one of the most important Veneto provinces in terms of wine: Treviso. The wine cellars of Treviso are very well-known, appreciated and considered as among the most important ones in Italy, as their wines are produced mostly with native grapes and allow, thanks to their extraordinary variety, many refined combinations with the local products.




Doc Lison Pramaggiore






– Fish, white meat

– Pasta, shellfish, bluefish

– Red meat, stews

– Cold cuts, stewed meat

– Game, roast pork

Lison DOCG

Tocai Friulano

Cheese, eggs, fried and grilled fish

Prosecco DOCG

Prosecco Superiore di Cartizze

Prosecco Superiore di Valdobbiadene

Shellfish, fish, first courses with seafood. Very good as aperitif.

DOC Venezia



– Red meat, stews

– Game, roast pork

*DOC: Denominazione di origine controllata, is a denomination used in oenology that certifies the delimited area of origin of the grape harvest used for the production of the product to which the relative mark is affixed;
DOCG: Denominazione di origine controllata e garantita, is an Italian trademark that indicates to the consumer the geographical origin of a wine.


  • Bacari are very often legs of a real tour, usually done with friends. Not by chance the name “bacaro” may come either from Bacchus, the god of wine, or, according to another theory, from the Venetian expression “far bàcara”, meaning “to celebrate”.
  • The “ombra de vin” (en. “wine shadow”), that is a glass of wine, is so called because the wine sellers once stood at the base of the bell tower of San Marco and followed its shadow to protect the wine from the sun. logo eng

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