Rolling suitcase luggage or duffel bag? Which is better for travelling? 

Packing is always the last, stressful step before unplugging from your work routine but… don’t worry too much! Here’s a complete list of everything you’ll need for a carefree houseboat holiday

1) Suitcase or duffel bag?
Choose the duffel bag for your houseboat holiday! Space on board is precious, so it is important to avoid carrying too much luggage. Soft duffle bags are the ideal choice:
They fit better in small spaces on board;
When not in use, soft bags can be easily folded and stowed;
Soft lagguage is significantly lighter than hard-shell suitcase.

Pack smart, pack light and pack with ease! Choose soft bags for a smoother, more relaxed boating experience.

2) What to put in the duffle bag?
A pair of comfortable shoes, preferably non-slip
Comfortable, lightweight clothes suitable for the sailing season.
A kway or windbreaker for cooler days, and also a heavy sweatshirt
A swimming costume, a hat and sun cream
Gardening gloves for manoeuvring ropes and cables when passing through locks
Towels – there are towels on board, but we recommend bringing a beach towel anyway

3) Various accessories
Anti-mosquito spray
Torch to enjoy moonlit walks in the paths surrounding the navigable river channels
Binoculars to observe the local fauna, particularly in the Po Delta
First aid kit for minor emergencies and your medicines
Board games
Power bank
Beauty-case with toiletries

4) Food and drink
Drinkable water
Non-perishable food such as pasta, rice, canned food and snacks
Along the routes you will find small grocery stores where you can buy fruit and vegetables, bread and other fresh food from day to day.

Now, all that’s left to do is set sail!

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