Venice is in quarantine, but far from the spotlight it is even more beautiful

Not to forget, respect for things and people in the future too

Being forced to slow down or even stop our race altogether.
The goal race is often unknown … just run! Everyone does it and I can’t stand still!
Only now that I’m locked at home and that for a breath of air I have to open the window I realize it. All useless, all superfluous.

Breathing deeply, to get a breath of oxygen into every corner of me, fills me much more than those long absent-mindedly runs looking worried at the watch or with a cell phone in my hand waiting for who knows what important message or phone call.

Some stolen shots make me see reality, everything out there continues even without me, maybe better. I feel vaguely indispensable in my small piece of world, but it takes little to understand, sadly, that I am not.

The sky is bluer than before, the rain continues to fall fresh, the wind moves the branches and the first leaves, which have blossomed in this spring anyway, in time as always.

I open the window and take another breath of air. My eyes are closed, it only takes a few seconds to impress this sensation in my memory. The air seems clean, never felt so clearly. Not a noise out there, some seagulls fly over the lagoon, a ray of sunshine skims the face.

Everything will end, everything will go more or less well, but I hope one thing … do not forget!

What? Respect! Respect for places, for water, air, earth and people.

Respect for myself! Running doesn’t always take you far, a thought does! A moment can be more important than a whole life! One step can be enough to reach the goal and the aimless races tire, wear out!

Venice, like the whole world, is in quarantine, but far from the spotlight it is even more beautiful and begs for respect

Here below a roundup of pictures…enjoy

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