Wine tour by Houseboat: islands of Venice

Explore Venice from an unusual point of view! We propose an itinerary of interest not only naturalistic but also cultural and eno-gastronomic, definitely not to be missed!

Viticulture in Venice has an ancient tradition, rooted deeply in the city’s history. Over time, vineyards also developed on the islands of the Venice Lagoon and among its narrow streets called “calli.” The result of this ancient relation to wine you can still find today, such as Calle Malvasia, the riva del vin lungo and the island of Vignole; but also churches, such as San Francesco della Vigna.
This connection between Venice and viticulture has been renewed by the Laguna nel Bicchiere association. It manages, without owning, 5 vineyardsSan Michele, Malamocco, Vignole, Sant’Elena and Giudecca. From these vineyards it makes local wines, in completely natural way, without the use of chemical treatments.

One of the best way to enjoy the vineyards of the northern lagoon is to take a houseboat and enjoy a wine tour. Houseboats are a type of floating homes that allow you to have a unique experience, immersed in nature and the beauty of the landscape of these territories.

Mazzorbo and Burano Islands

Two of the most beautiful islands in the Venice Lagoon are Mazzorbo and Burano.
Little Mazzorbo is a quiet and peaceful island full of small hidden corners where there is a timeless atmosphere that fascinates visitors. It is located east of Burano, to which it is connected by a wooden bridge called “Ponte Longo” (long bridge) by the locals.
Right near this bridge, you can comfortably stop at the moorings that RVF has made available to all its clients, and easily explore the island on foot.

There you can visit the Mazzorbo vineyard and discover the history of Tenuta Venissa and its Dorona. It’s a native grape of the lagoon, from which excellent whites are made. A true story of recovery that has given new life to a grape variety highly appreciated even by the Doges.
In the heart of the vineyard, the Michelin-starred Venissa Restaurant also offers innovative cuisine based on the lagoon of Venice’s most excellent products. The whole area of the vineyard is surrounded by well-preserved medieval walls that make this place even more fascinating, perfect for a regenerating break in complete tranquillity.

Mazzorbo’s out-of-time atmosphere can also be found in its tiny streets, among the typical pastel-colored and brightly painted houses, similar to those in nearby Burano.  In addition you can easily reach it on foot from Mazzorbo, and visit its famous colorful houses.

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