Travelling safely in Italy

Our advice? Plan your holiday responsibly

Do you ever feel the need to switch off from the everyday life, your problems and worries?
But in this historical period, as never before, there is a certain concern about holidays too… so what is the solution?

It is easy, a Houseboat holiday!

here are all the reasons why a Houseboat holiday
can be a good answer to the problems of this period!

  • A Houseboat holiday allows you to travel along the waterways, gives you the opportunity to choose when and where to have contacts with the mainland and most of all gives you the chance to avoid the most crowded areas.
  • Houseboats are real floating campers and are equipped with every comfort. But, compared to road campers, these boats offer the possibility to host up to 12 people without giving up the privacy and the comfort of a real house, thanks to the separated cabins with their own toilets.
  • The holiday can be tailored to the needs of travelers, for example, you can travel along itineraries immersed in the unspoilt nature of the lagoon, of the Po Delta and of the Sile river; you can visit isolated beaches which can be reached only by sea and are not at all crowded. For example: Brussa beach in Caorle, Caleri beach in Rovigo, the beach of the Isola dell’Amore in Goro, Boccasette beach in Porto Tolle or the famous Ca’ Roman beach in Pellestrina.
travel ideas in Houseboat Family Holidays

So, a holiday by sea not only gives the couple or the group of friends the opportunity to isolate from the mainland and the crowded places, but it is also good for your health

The sea breeze which can be breathed during your boat life helps to increase the immune system thanks to the presence of mineral salts, iodine and the absorption of trace elements useful to the body.

Moreover the sun exposure (with the necessary precautions) favours the production of the vitamin D, useful for the growth and maintenance of bones and muscle strength, and gives a greater share of endorphins, also called “well-being hormones”.

Don’t give up your next holidays, but plan them responsibly!

A trip aboard a Houseboat along the waterways can be a good answer to the problems of this period! 😁

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