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The Venice Lagoon, and everything that surrounds it, is a unique environment, where nature, history, art and culture intertwine like in no other place in the world. Every place is unique, with its own landscapes, customs, food and wine and folk festivals. For all these reasons the area surrounding the Venice Lagoon must be explored slowly, enjoying and savouring the beauty of every single element that it is composed of thanks to its extended biodiversity.

But the lagoon area is also a fragile ecosystem, that must be respected and preserved, and that is why the Associazione Operatori del Turismo Sostenibile (OTS) (Association of Sustainable Tourism Operators) was created. Its primary goal is the safeguard and promotion of the sustainable tourism of the whole area of the “Venice Lagoon”.

Only by travelling slowly you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the landscapes and experience the scent of the single areas, and for this reason cycle routes crossing the whole area of the Venice Lagoon were created.

Starting from Chioggia, passing through the island of Pellestrina, Lido di Venezia, Cavallino Treporti, Jesolo and San Donà di Piave, you can travel by bike the entire lagoon from south to north.

The cycle routes of the Venice Lagoon are not over just with this itinerary, but continue towards the hinterland running along the River Sile, or in the cycle route of Oriago and Mira which flanks the Riviera del Brenta, or also in Codevigo with the evocative Valle Millecampi.

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The Veneto Region and the OTS association create a map of the Venice Lagoon for the promotion of the territory clearly indicating all the cycle routes, beaches, tourist offices, marinas and access point to the Lagoon, very useful for the tourist who wants to enjoy the Venice Lagoon slowly.

In addition to these information in the map there is a section called “I tesori della Laguna” (“The treasures of the Lagoon”), where all the historic/artistic/natural point of interests and the most famous islands are indicated.

Obviously, considering the physical structure of the earth patches separating the lagoon from the Adriatic Sea, the cycle path is interrupted several times because of the 3 dock gates allowing the entrance to the lagoon. The single islands cannot be reached directly by bike, but rather by sea thanks to a dense public transport network, which is often very crowded.

So what is our advice?

Well, obviously a Houseboat holiday! 🤩

A Houseboat holiday is simply the best way to visit the entire Venice Lagoon (and much more) in complete comfort.

The advantages of visiting the lagoon by Houseboat are countless:

  • First of all you can travel with the family and in company thanks to our boats having from 2 to 12 sleeping accommodations;
  • Absolute freedom of movement inside the lagoon, and checking the map available to download you will understand why it is so important;
  • Possibility to take bikes with you to benefit from the cycle routes and organise independently the passage of the dock gates;
  • Possibility to visit all the historic/artistic/natural landmarks easily and independently, without having to rely on the schedules of the packed public transports.

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