Venice’s Ghosts

Leaving Venice at the end of your holiday may seem impossible. And precisely for this reason it seems that even the spirits of those who once walked through these streets and bridges have great difficulty in leaving the wonderful city.

For example, it seems that the spirit of Luzzo, the 16th-century painter who committed suicide for the unrequited love of Cecilia, who was already the lover of the famous Giorgione, still wanders in the “Casino degli Spiriti” or Palazzo Contarini dal Zaffo.

Moreover, according to legend, the spirits of the patients of the historic psychiatric hospital are still present on the island of Poveglia!

And finally, have you heard about the bad luck that accompanies the owners of “Ca’ Dario“?

The palace, which overlooks the Grand Canal, has fascinated many people who have bought it despite the legend about the great misfortune that afflicts those who live there. All of them, not believing in it, have however had to face some more or less serious unforeseen event: from illness to financial crisis and in some cases, death.

Is it pure coincidence or are these spirits refusing to leave their former abodes?

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