Fenicotteri rosa Laguna Venezia



Pink flamingos in Venice San Marco
Flamingos in flight over the Lagoon ©FB: MSNve

Who said that the flamingos are located only in Camargue or on the Po Delta? These friendly wading birds have been stopping off for a few days off the coast of Burano and they create picturesque atmospheres in the lagoon.

Flamingos are nothing new in these places: for over a decade, in fact, these birds have been settling in this area. Today there are more than 8,000 flamingos that winter in the lagoon, many of which decide to stop for the whole year.

What is really extraordinary is the fact that they have stopped off Burano and Torcello, and not in more hidden areas and islets. The flamingos are quite confident, they frequent “valli da pesca” (a sort of fish farms in the lagoon)¬†and shallows, where they find shallow and muddy waters that they can filter with their particular beak. In total, around 300 species of birds live in the lagoon.

Flamingos Venice Lagoon
Flamingos in Torcello ©Maurizio Rossi

In recent years not only the flamingos, but other species of birds once rare have begun to nest in these places, surely a positive sign for the ecosystem.
Among the “new entries”: peregrine falcon,¬†European roller,¬†great spotted cuckoo, black swan,¬†ruddy shelduck,¬†ferruginous duck,¬†cattle egret,¬†Eurasian woodcock,¬†Eurasian curlew,¬†crag martin,¬†sedge warbler,¬†carrion crow,¬†etc., for a total amount of over 450 thousand waterfowl throughout the lagoon.

Flamingos in the Venetian Lagoon
Flamingos in Northern Lagoon ©Maurizio Rossi

And then?…

If you like doing birdwatching, set course with your houseboat towards Sile River or Po Delta as well.

White swans in the Venetian lagoon
Swans on River Sile
Going upstream River Sile, you will find the Nature Reserve “Trapalade”, where different species of birds, reptiles and amphibians are settled. Inside the area there is also a nice hut where you can do birdwatching.
Flamingos in Po Delta
In Venetian Po Delta flamingos live particularly in the valleys (fish basins) near Rosolina, most of all in Valle Sagreda and Valle Pozzantini, along the banks of Po di Levante, towards Albarella.

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