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Are you planning your first houseboat vacation? If so, you will surely notice how this type of holiday is different from the others and that it needs a different type of organization. Every day we receive a lot of questions about travel planning from first-timers: here below you are going to find the answers to the most frequent ones.

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Do I need a special nautical licence to rent a houseboat?

Of course not! To drive our boats is not required any nautical license. The law permits every adult to drive boats with engines of less than 40 HP without any permit. On the embarkation day you will receive all the information you’ll need to get the best results from your houseboat holiday.

Where and when can I cruise?

Our itineraries cover a very vast territory, which goes from Marano Lagunare, in Friuli Venezia Giulia to Mantua, in Emilia Romagna. In particular, the routes proposed are: the Venetian Lagoon, the Po Delta, the River Sile, the Brenta Canal, the Litoranea Veneta and the Canals of Mantua and Ferrara. You are allowed to drive during the day but you can’t sail during the night, in addition to being difficult for the first-timers, it doesn’t even allow you to enjoy the breathtaking views that you can discover during the day.

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I want to visit Venice. Where can I moor?

In Venice there aren’t public mooring places but only private harbours, the marinas. In a marina, by paying a price, you get a berth for the night with all the services included (such as water, electricity…). An alternative can be our private mooring, free for our customers, in Isola delle Vignole, which is located a few minutes of navigation from Venice. From there you can take the vaporetto (waterbus) to reach Murano and then Venice.

Should I come back to your basis to overnight?

A houseboat vacation has the same concept of a road trip, with which you have the chance to discover different places every day. During the formalities at the embarkation we will suggest you the best mooring places to spend the night.

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Should I return the boat with full-tank of fuel?

No, you don’t have to worry about looking for a petrol station. At the embarkation and disembarkation days we are going to check together the engine hours and then you’ll pay the fuel according to the difference of the engine hours. The price is calculated on the basis of how many liters the type of boat you choose consumes in one hour of navigation.

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Are bicycles necessary?

Bicycles will surely be an added value for your cruise. They are useful, for example, for small daily purchases or if you need to run a quick errand. Along our routes there are a lot of cycle paths that will take you to discover the towns along our itineraries.

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