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Even if not everybody knows it, the origins of the Venetian Carnival are very ancient. The first testament dates back to a document of the year 1094, which deals with public entertainment and the word Carnival is mentioned for the first time, even if the first official document declaring it a public holiday dates back to 1296. It was established by the Venetian oligarchies at the time of the Most Serene Republic of Venice, in order to give the population a period entirely dedicated to fun and celebrations. Thanks to the anonymity which were guaranteed by the masks and costumes, all the social classes of that time were put on the same level without distinction of social identity, sex or religions. These concessions were widely tolerated and considered a providential surge against the tensions and discontent that were a daily occurrence in the Republic of Venice, which set strict limits to its inhabitants on issues such as common morality and public order. 

ENICE 05/03/19 - carnival of venice 2019 - LINDA PANI, maria 2019 on St. Mark's Square stage and the "svolo del leon" ©Vision/Vela

The most important events of the Carnival | 8th-25th February 2020

During the two weeks of the Carnival of Venice many events are planned all around the city from mask parades to balls, from gala dinners to private costume parties, from the “Volo dell’Angelo” (Flight of the Angel) to that of the Aquila (Eagle).

Here are some of the proposed events:

The celebrations begin on Saturday 8th February, with the Venetian water festival in the Sestiere of Cannaregio. On Saturday 15h February the Festa delle Maria is celebrated, a parade which goes from San Pietro di Castello to St. Mark’s Square, where the finalists of the beauty contest Maria del Carnevale 2020 will be announced.
On Sunday 16th February the most awaited event of the Carnival takes place, the “Volo dell’Angelo”. This Angel, who is usually portrayed by the Maria of the previous year, descends from the bell tower of Saint Mark’s up to Doge’s Palace tied to a rope.
On Sunday 23th February the “Volo dell’Aquila” will take place and there will be also the finale of the most beautiful Mask contest.
The Carnival ends on the 25th February (Mardi Gras) with the coronation of the Maria of the Carnival 2020 and the “Svolo del Leon”.

Link to the complete program of the events – Venice Carnival 2020:

But if you really want to immerse yourselves in the party atmosphere it is absolutely necessary to dress up. The most famous masks of the Venice Carnival are the ones mirroring the splendid clothes of the Venetian 18th Century or the figures of Goldoni’s Commedia dell’Arte dating back to the 16th Century, such as Arlecchino, Colombina o Pantalone. But you will also find costumes of any kind and age, the only limit is fantasy 😊.

These are just an example of the clothes that you will find or wear during Carnival time… And we have a very different way for you to enjoy the Carnival of Venice… namely by sea and in complete autonomy 😍.

Thanks to our Houseboats you will be able to experience the most famous and crowded Carnival in the world aboard an actual floating house equipped with every comfort, having the chance to deal with every necessity of yours very easily, such as: a change of clothes, a small moment of relaxation or a snack when you feel like it. 

Venice, city of art and Unesco heritage site, is a fascinating city all year round, but its Carnival makes it even more magical, especially aboard a Houseboat.

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