Venice Boat Show dockyard Houseboat Rendez vous Fantasia

The Houseboats at the Venice Boat Show 2019
Rendez vous Fantasia

18th– 23rd June 2019

The Naval Art comes back home

In 2019 will once again host an international exhibition event devoted to boating, with the involvement of not only local, but also national and international participants.

The Venice Boat Show 2019

The exhibition hall will be at the Venetian Arsenal, symbol of the power and the and military authority of the Serenissima Republic, also the heart of its naval industry. An incomparable historic context in the heart of Venice, composed of a water basin of 50.000 square metres and pavillons for circa 6.000 metres overall.

Besides the exhibitors, including the Rendez vous Fantasia Houseboats, many other collateral initiativeswill be presented in several areas and rooms of the Arsenal, in order to keep the cultural content of the event high, so that there will be interesting attractions also for the less experienced visitors.

logotypes Venice Boat Show and rendez vous fantasia

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