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  ... from today  "ONE WAY"

As far back as 1986, firstly in Italy, RVF enthusiastically and successfully promoted this superb formula for holidays.
The wonderfully unique environment, the willpower and an adequately prepared technical organisation have made this entrepreneurial adventure a consolidated and well appreciated reality.
(a fishing town at the most southern point of the Venetian lagoon) has always been its headquarters and first base.

The centrality of this suggestive and picturesque “water” town in the panorama of the Po/Venetian navigation routes make it an ideal port and departure launch for the most beautiful and successful itineraries during any season of the year.
The base is in a panoramic position, strategically positioned between Chioggia (historic centre, 300 m) and Sottomarina (bathing area, 500 m). A range of shops, banks and restaurants etc are all in the vicinity.

Marano Lagunare
(town in the centre of the lagoon of Grado and Marano).
Another splendid community, ideally already a twin-town with Chioggia due to its prosperous fishing reality, since 2004 it is the second operative base of RVF.
It is an excellent arrival and departure point for those who choose just a “one-way” cruise.
The base is only 300 m from the historic centre of the town, on an island/port connected to the mainland by two bridges, one for pedestrians and the other for vehicles.
Shops, banks and restaurants are all within walking distance.
The services
The Bases
You will find: professionalism, helpfulness and courtesy.
Water, electric power, parking, information, instructions.

RVF has developed, in view of its expertise on the problems arising from the lagoon and rivers further to the specific user requirements, its own private moorings on the most visited Islands, and for this reason often difficult to approach, in order to make these wonderful areas more accessible to its clients.

Maps and Guides
Different navigation maps will be available for each itinerary you may choose.
RVF has designed and printed two easy map guide: the “Naviglio del Brenta” from
Venice to Padua and the “Laguna Veneta” from Chioggia to Venice , Jesolo and Treviso ”. Other maps/guides of similar concession are being designed at present.
An updated descriptive manual, full of practical information will be given to you on your arrival, to make the navigation of your itinerary as easy as possible.
RVF is however at your complete disposal for the preparation of any themed itineraries according to your precise indications and requirements.

Cruise with a Skipper
In order to make sure that everyone, even the most undecided and fearful newcomers, can enjoy a completely relaxing Boat House holiday, RVF has selected a number of expert sailors to skipper the boat on request.

For those who decide to travel to the base using public transport, there is a taxi/transfer service available, to and from the nearest stations and airports.
For those who choose a “one-way” cruise, it will be possible to transfer their own means of transport from the departure base to the arrival base.

Rendez-vous fantasia srl
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