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All the boats we rent are easy to manoeuvre. Even if you have never had any experience like this one before don’t be afraid. Beginners are welcome and we are at your side to help you and advise you.

For those who decide not to travel to the base using public transport, there is a taxi/ transfer service available, to and from the nearest stations and airports. Download the form .pdf
For those who choose a "one-way" cruise, it will be possible to transfer their own means of transport from the departure base to the arrival base.

You will be heartily welcomed, we will show you the boat and you will receive detailed instructions. We will be at your side with exhaustive cruising instructions… You will feel immediately at ease.

There are many shops and supermarkets both near the base of embarkation and on the route we advise you to follow during your itineraries. It is better to stock up day by day.

Fill the form "Shopping List" in You can order by e-mail or fax a shopping list. You will find the shopping basket on board at your arrival. Download the form .pdf

It is like parking the car; it needs some practice. Take advantage of our private mooring places to spend the night.

Rendez-vous Fantasia has developed, in view of its expertise on the problems arising from the lagoon and rivers further to the specific user requirements, its own private moorings on the most visited islands, and for this reason often difficult to approach, in order to make this wonderful areas more accessible to its clients. We provided new mooring places in the heart of the historical centre of Chioggia and the moor in Burano is now bigger to grant docks to a larger number of boats.

To avoid all problems it is enough to have some common sense. The strength/speed-ratio of the boat is completely safe.

The capacity of the water tank is 200 l. for the Alcova, 400 l. for the Triton and 500 l. for the New-Con-Fly. During the cruise it will be necessary to fill it up. On board every boat there are two gas bottles, the consumption is included.

The gas oil tank will be filled up before your embarkation. You will pay the actual consumption on your return, according to the motor hours. The average amount of a week’s consumption is about 100, 00 Euro.

The principal itineraries are:

Lagoon of Venice
River Sile
Coast-way Chioggia-Trieste
The Brenta Canal
The Po Delta

The river Po and Idrovia Ferrarese NEWS OF 2012!!!

You will receive detailed information and waterway guides at embarkation.

Venice can be almost completely circumnavigate. It is possible to sail Canale della Giudecca,  Bacino di San Marco. For your safety and for the respect of our unique but fragile city, you are not permitted to enter into the Canale Grande or the narrower canals inside the city. As far as the mooring facilities in Venice are concerned, Rendez-vous Fantasia disposes of two mooring places, reserved and free for its clients, in Vignole and Burano. Other mooring facilities in Venice are the two Marinas of S. Elena and of S. Giorgio (on payement).

Our boats are fully equipped. You will find crockery, cutlery, the mooring lines, boathooks, security equipment, blankets and pillows.

For all damages and problems you can not resolve by yourselves, you can call us. We will give you instructions or intervene as soon as possible.

The insurance coverage is total and includes: damage to the boats and to the equipment, the civil responsibility towards third party and transported people, medical transport in case of accident or illness, return of the boat. The policy does not cover the loss or damage of the hirer’s personal belongings. In case of damage the deposit or the franchise will be kept to cover the damage.
It is possible to ask and pay at the embarkation for additional insurance to cover the amount of the deposit.

Discovering restaurants and “osterie” where you can taste the typical meals of this area (generally excellent fish) will be one of the pleasures of your cruise.


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